Is the Litter-Robot right for your cat?

Most cats—big or small, young or old, curious or fearful—take to the Litter-Robot. Some cats take longer to adjust than others, but with patience and support, they typically overcome any initial hesitation. The tried-and-true steps to acclimating your cat to the Litter-Robot facilitate the transition by helping your cat explore the new unit, gain comfort around it, and enter the globe. Once a cat feels the litter under their feet, he or she knows what to do.

There are some cases, however, where a cat is less likely to use the Litter-Robot, or where you may have to adapt your use of the Litter-Robot. There is a 90 days to try the Litter-Robot in your home. There are some special circumstances to consider when deciding if the Litter-Robot is right for your cat. You can read it over here!


This awesome cat litter box is one of our new additions to our interior. It’s a Litter Robot, yes you read it correct lit(t)er-aly a ROBOT! This robot will automatically clean it self after one of my cats need to use the bathroom.

How does it work?

The Litter-Robot knows when Mellow or Kenzo is inside the unit and when it’s time to clean up. Once one of the two gets out, a timer counts down, allowing litter to clump, before the Clean cycle begins. The globe slowly rotates separating the clean litter from my cat’s produced clumps. The globe returns to the beginning state for the next use. It’s disposed in a bag under the globe, which you can take out when necessary.


The cats are more happy and we are too! It’s a great way to improve your day to day life. They have a clean bathroom everyday and we don’t have to scoop all the clumps out anymore! #winning