(To start this year all corny) Morning friends, read this NEW YEAR, NEW ME blogpost! Working in my Nike suit from JD Sports is kinda my new vibe. And if you add some little details like a Chanel bag, this whole suit get’s a new image!


The Logo trend is still going strong. Or you could say, better than ever! I’m in love with Nike’s latest collection and I’m glad JD Sports thinks the same! I’m working from home a lot and I always push myself to dress properly, even when I spend the day behind my laptop. Because it’s hard to draw a line between work and my private life, I need to feel that I’m “at work”. That’s why I start my daily routine and dress nice. I also love to wear comfy clothes, so I made this my office look! To make heading out to the gym easy, this look works perfectly. I’m ready to rumble and sweat my butt off.

The Michael Kors kicks fit perfectly with this outfit, cause they’re black and white too! Yeah! The Chanel belt bag is added to spice things up. You can find the kicks at Omoda!

Nike suit Jd Sports | Sneakers Omoda | Bag Rebelle | Photo credits Oscar Risamena