I’m feeling honored to try out this amazing Huawei device! It even had Leica camera lenses, as a photographer like me, it’s like a Chanel bag amongst the cameras! It’s their newest device; the P9

My favorite part of the phone: The dual lenses! 

The P9 is co-engineered with Leica. They’ve installed two lenses on the back of the phone. This creates the great quality of photos as you can see below in the B&W photo of my new sunglasses case! One lens focuses on RGB while the other focuses on monochrome. Even the front facing camera or simply, selfie cam has an 8-megapixel camera! You can make awesome selfies even in low light situations! As blogger, it’s great to be able to create such awesome photos.

I’ve experienced the difference in quality myself. I’m a real iPhone girl and if I may be honest, I wasn’t really fond of Android phones. But now… with the easy usability of the Android system and the outstanding cameras, I’m really thinking of sticking to the P9!

winkelstraat_08 DSC_0006 winkelstraat_07 IMG_8738