I’m feeling so good, when I wear an all black look. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me happy! When Fabienne and I visited the Sacré Coeur we really were surprised by the beauty of the building (and also the climb up to get there haha!) It’s on top of a big hill, that we didn’t know off! But after a 15 minutes climb it was worth the struggle! Luckily I had my comfy Manfield loafers on! It would have been hell of we had to do it on heels lol. The view of Paris from above was amazing and if you’re going to visit Paris, definitely pay a visit to the Sacré Coeur!


About the look

My new loafers from Manfield are a perfect match with my black dress. They are comfy and also very easy to bring with you while traveling, because they are really small and almost don’t take space in you suitcase! And while talking about the suitcase, this size from Samsonite is good for my shooting days. It will perfectly match three total looks (shoes + clothing + bags), also there is a little space left for my camera! So I’m a big fan of this suitcase!

Dress River Island | Shoes Manfield | Suitcase Duifhuizen | Bag Unisa | Hat Levi’s