What do you think about, when you see the AMERICAN ICON by America Today? The first thing that pops in my head is the Varsity Jacket! America Today has launched recognizable American items and brought them to our stores in the Netherlands! It’s really awesome that these jackets always make their comeback to street wear fashion. Since I’m a Dutchie, I’ve never experienced the college vibe that you see a lot in the US, where these jackets are worn by high school or college students who have performed in sports.

That aside, it’s still a great item to just wear casually down the streets.

About the look

I like it to match different kind of styles. Sometimes I’m a urban chick and the day after I can wear something totally different and rather more formal. Kind of depends on the occasion of course. The urban look is much easier though. This outfit I pulled together in a few minutes. When I’m looking for something formal to wear you’ll see me mix and match different clothes for like half an hour haha.

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Photo credits: Oscar Risamena