Say hi to ‘Silly‘. These cute candleholders from Puik Art came in the mail this weekend. As you can see both candles fit. One side’s for tea lights and when you flip it around it fits a long candle! Silly was from the material silicone. Made me giggle when I realized the relationship with its name.


Next I’m introducing you to, is ‘Candela‘. This five legged beauty is hand-dipped and 33 cm tall! The fun thing or better yet great thing about the Candela, is that the base can be used frequently. You can place a new candle in the base when it’s down to 2 centimeters.


The final item that came in, is the ‘Seco‘. I love the ‘3D-feel’ I get with the design of these coasters. It finishes the simplicity presentation when I have guests over at my house. No kidding, that would be it little bit too much. But I’m definitely going to use them myself, since I somewhat of a spiller hihi.
Puikart is an awesome webshop with all different kind of designers. They provides designers of innovative and original products the possibility to work together and launch there concepts. Puikart also designs for their own label next to producing for various companies. They showing their new collection on the ShopUp trade show on 7 & 8 Fabruari for home and gift products. (Near by Schiphol)