As you may already have seen on my Instagram Stories last week, I followed a new cleaning program. Today I will share my experience! And I can tell you, it’s super! Most of the times I’m somewhat skeptical towards these cleanse programs. Only this time a couple of friends told me that this was a must-do program. And when I met Anouk from Happylifestylemom I was convinced that I needed to try this program! This wasn’t just to fit in old jeans again, but to give me a boost to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.


After the two first days (the hardest ones) I really began to feel the difference in my body. In the first two days you drink a lot of Aloe vera and is full of nutrients,which are great for your health. It’s a really good start for a more healthy lifestyle, not just physically, but it takes care of your insides too. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. Of course this isn’t a one way wonder. You still have to adjust your food intake and exercise on a regular bases. But also mentally it gave me a boost too, so I can proceed my #fitgirl goals!

I must admit, I too envy those Insta tummies. But those women have put in hard work in their hard rock abs as well. It just takes time and dedication. Besides that, we all have our pretty characteristics! We just need to keep that in mind!

Do you also want to try the Forever cleaning program? Vist this link!