OH YEAH! Always be yourself and if you want to be extra, do extra, you should definitely go for it! It’s all about loving yourself and being satisfied with who you are. To be honest I’ve struggled with myself and the way I look. Sometimes I still do. Then I remind myself that I need to be happy with what I wear, not everyone else. If they are, that’s just a bonus! Right now I’m loving the look that I’m wearing in these shots. My past self would have had doubts of wearing such an outfit.

I love to shoot with an editorial touch. Something extra and something similar to the shoots in Vogue Magazine. These amazing cool kicks from Sacha are an eye catcher! The urban vibe and creative design are the reason for me to wear these sneakers!

You should wear what makes you happy, every day!

Top Zara| Trousers Vintage | Sneakers Sacha | Watch Calvin Klein Sunnies Asos