Beach Please!

Beach Please?! uhh, hell yeah! Finally the weather in the Netherlands turns out to be pretty great. With 30˚ degrees Celsius we can go to our dutch beaches too! I’m going to spend the day on the water, read a book, get tanned and get some fresh air. Tomorrow we’re going to visit Paris for a few days. I’m really excited! It was an early b-day present from my boyfriend, how sweet!

About the look

This swim suit from Rad. is one of my favorites at the moment! You must have new favorites around this time of year. The warm items like sweaters and coats can’t be your top picks right now, it’s just way to hot. And you can wear it as a body when you’re not going to swim. So that’s pretty awesome! These cute Coconut espadrilles are a perfect summer essential. So you can say I’m pretty (coco) nuts about these items. Haha!

Top Rad. | Shorts Bershka | Sweater Rad. Shoes Rad. Watch Fjord Timepieces