Last weekend Rachel and I traveled to Rotterdam for a shoot weekend. We stayed at this amazing hotel it called LIGHT. It definitely fits her name, because the spaces were really light. Lux means ‘light’ in Latin, you need light to develop a picture so that’s how I came up with Luxblog. A perfect match with this hotel right?!

means light
in Latin”

About the hotel

It’s a cute little hotel with really nice people. When you want to avoid the tourism tornado in Amsterdam, visit Rotterdam and go to ‘Light‘ to stay for a few nights. The hotel opened around one year ago and you can totally tell, because the interior looks so modern and trendy. They have cozy rooms, with big windows. Might be the reasons why it’s called light.

Rachel found this hotel and we had such a great time here. The staff was great and the hotel was located centrally in Rotterdam. For us busy bees it made going downtown and visiting the hot spots really easy.

Do you like what you see? Fancy a bit of Hotel Light atmosphere in your home? On their website you can find the brands of their furniture in the room. How cool?! Visit the Hotel Light website.