Lanzarote is not only beautiful for its lanscapes, but also because of its beautiful white houses. Every house on Lanzarote needs to be painted white. The reason behind this rule is to keep the original characteristics of the island intact. In contrast to Tenerife or Gran Canaria, where you can find a lot of billboards, different kinds of architecture, Lanzarote is a real OC. ‘Original Canary’ haha

When I saw this cute block with houses, I said: “STOP THE CAR! Let’s shoot my America Today look here”. My boyfriend replied: ‘What do you mean, stop the car?!, I can’t just pull over! There’s people behind me!’ But luckily no accidents happened and I’m so happy that we made these beautiful pictures.

About the look

My look today is all in America Today style. America Today has their own clothing line, with a lot great basics. This bomber says California and it’s also one of my want to go to destinations. America Today has had a culture change in the past months. They’re bringing back the classic American brands. As they call it, the American Icons. Just like the Lee shirt in the photo, think of Levi’s, Wrangler, Converse and I believe a lot more is coming.

Jacket America Today | Top Lee Jeans | Jeans America Today | Bag YSL | Shoes Puma | Watch Nicole Vienna