Now that we’re reaching that time of the year again! Christmas is coming soon so I’m thinking about what to wear at these special days of brunches, dinners, party’s and friends & family. I always cheat a little if it’s about shoes, I confess. At dinners and party’s I often wear heels, but the moment the festivities are over I jump into my sneakers again! (= walking to the cab with my sneakers on and my heels in my hand hihi)

Clothing America Today | Shoes Ziengs | Photo credits Sara letschert


You all know that I love to dress up, but in the end I wear my basics and streetwear most of the time! America Today’s new campaign is a perfect match of both! Blue Christmas! With a lot of blue, jeans, a bomber, some blouses but most of all a lot of comfortable clothes! Get rid of your standard red and green colors, go blue! So Oscar and I found our Christmas look already. What are you going to wear? And if you still need to find a look, you can shop your 2nd blue item with 50%  off at America Today!

The most easy going and best going out with shoes, in my opinion, are Converse. I like to wear heels, but after a few hours my feet are killing me!