Can you spot a psychopath?

After watching the Couple Thinkers episode from Gant's new campaign: 'Can you spot a psychopath?' I really wanted to share my opinion about prejudices. The unique and universal from humanity.

I really love the socially committed subjects of the Couple Thinkers serie on Youtube. They ask questions like “Can real food feed the world?” or “When do we need to leave this planet?” But the “Can you spot a psychopath” really drew my attention!

In a time where consumers are looking for authentic knowledge, lifestyle brand GANT is taking the lead! For this project they work together with Craig Ferguson and his wife Megan. The central message is curiosity and with their 6 episodes they are going to figure out the answers on different kind of questions. Next week their last episode is going to be online, so you can watch them in a row! How awesome! You can learn a lot from these episodes, because you never stop learning right! ;)

“We are the same,
or not?”

You may think, hmm why did she take four different photos of herself in a white shirt? Because I think we look more the same than you think. The white shirts stands for the universal of humanity. And me in different looks stands for how unique we are. We are all humans and we all make mistakes. We act the way we do from education and things we experience in life. Of course there are some characteristics what you already have in you when you are born. But in the end, we’re all human, with our own characteristics and appearance. We shouldn’t judge each other from the way we look. That’s the reason how hard it is to spot a psychopath, because it’s not about there looks, it’s something from inside.