There he is, our new Boy! Fatboy to be exact. We are so happy with our new lamp! It looks like the classical household lamp from decades ago. But actually this Fatboy Lamp is kinda big, it’s around 1 meter tall (or 3 foot hihi)! Have you seen my previous Fatboy interior design post? I just love how their collection consists of you’re not every day interior items. With first welcoming the ‘Attackle’ and now the ‘Edison’ lamp and the Trans-parents , the Fat family is getting bigger and bigger.


Our interior is the same as our clothing style, minimal and for 90% black and white. I think I’ve infected Oscar with my b&w fever. I love the zen feeling of the basic colors, so it’s perfect to work from home! Having everything in the same colors, makes combining the interior a lot easier! What kind of light do you use to decorate your home?

Find our new lamps at the Fatboy shop!