Yesterday I was looking for my new items to add to my Spring wardrobe on I’ve discovered a new designer where I completely fell in love with. Her name is: Elisabetta Franchi.

When we wander around the world wide web, we come a cross sooooo much that isn’t what we like, we search for or want to see. But sometimes you hit the jackpot! The jackpot can be different for anyone, but to me it’s when I find myself a brand or clothing designer that I’m not familiar with. Today was that lucky day when I stumbled on Elisabetta Franchi. Maybe you’ve heard about her, but I sure haven’t.

But what I can say, is that I love  many items that I’ve seen on I must say the articles have a certain price tag on them. But when I received my items it was worth crashing my bank account. has more brands that have caught my eye, but that’s for next month when my paycheck comes in again.

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