I love my Champion hoodie. A perfect old school brand if you ask me! From when I was a little girl I always wanted to be the best in everything. I just worked so hard for everything. When you want to become something so bad and you work your butt off, you’re always going to get there! You can’t just quit when there are some bumps on the road to the finish line. Become your own Champion!

“[cham-pee-uh n]
a fighter or warrior.”

I love to match my sporty look with a more classy look, so for this time I’ve combined my Champion hoodie with a blouse with bell sleeves from Storm & Marie and the black trousers from Stradivairus.

The photos I made together with Suzanne in Amsterdam. The one thing I like the most about moving nearby Amsterdam, is that I meet so many new people. All my Instagram buddies are now real offline people!

Hoodie Champion | Blouse Storm & Marie | Jeans Stradivarius | Bag YSL | Shoes Michael Kors | Hat Zara Watch 

Photo credits: Suzanne Brummel