It would have been awesome to shoot the look in Paris, but that trip would’ve been a little too far. Hopefully soon, since Christmas is right around the corner! I’ve experienced Christmas in Antwerp already (which is great by the way) and from hearing all the stories around me, Paris should be amazing too!

In the Netherlands we still have Sinterklaas to celebrate before Santa. Now back to the other fun stuff!

About the look

What do you think about these Loavies items? I’ve tried to mix-match their choker, lace top and jacket with the fine fabrics of the Alan Red trousers and Kors bag. To make it not a 100% black, there’s some grey on top of my head. That’s so you know I love all colors hahaha!

Top Loavies | Trousers Alan Red | Jacket Loavies | Bag Michael Kors | Shoes Sacha Shoes | Choker Loavies 

Photo credits: Karien Anne