Keeping up a workout schedule on vacay is harder than expected. I tried to keep my Sporty Spice mode motivated by telling myself that if I wanted to eat snacks I had to do a few exercises Kirsten from Personal Body Plan had planned out for me. She made me a personal schedule to complete my last week of Personal Body Plan. I’ve done so much activities this week. Being on Lanzarote was one exercise on its own. But that didn’t keep me from doing my workouts. All those climbed mountains and rocky hurdles to get to the prettiest point are all extras.

Time flew by as a year has passed since I wanted change in my lifestyle, focused on food intake, exercising and insecurities. In all honesty, it’s still difficult to lay off snacks and to find a balance between cheat meals and eating clean. Kirsten has provided me with all the basics, tips and tricks to stay motivated. I definitely recommend her enthusiasm, expertise and motivational advice during my Personal Body Plan membership.

So much has changed, not only physically, but mentally as well. I feel more comfortable with myself. Discipline is probably the characteristic that has improved most. Dragging my butt to the gym or dragging it away from the ‘good stuff’ at the supermarket. On some occasions there’s still some insecurities left, but I know that’s okay. This only means there’s more room for improvement!

With the last month of my PBP adventure, this will be my last Personal Body Plan post. Of course you will see a lot more from me as a fitgirl in the future! Because the most beautiful thing about my Personal Body Plan is, that I love to work out again!