Do you ever feel like doing nothing? Well, I’ve reached the point where one side of me feels like ‘stay strong! Hang in there! You’ve already come this far!’ and the other side of me says: ‘Yes, eat those sweets! Hmm, don’t feel like hitting the gym.’ The first few months are the easiest in my perception. You can see the progress clearly, both in weight and the mirror. The mirror is most important of course!

In this fourth month of Personal Body Plan it’s getting harder to hold on. I’ve heard that more people are having trouble to stay focused on their new lifestyle changes. Some are facing difficulties with their work out plan, others with their food schedule. It’s great that PBP put all of us together in a Facebook group so we can motivate each other! This holiday season, hot summer weather and birthdays (my boyfriend’s and mine) are really making it hard to stay disciplined.

I’m so glad that my PBP coach Kirsten motivates me positively. She helps me get my butt back in the gym. It’s nice to get some feedback when your feeling less motivated or when you don’t know how to overcome obstacles. I still have two more months to go with my PBP schedule. From that point on I hope to achieve results that keep me motivated and satisfied!

Join the next group until Friday 29th of July! Visit Personal Body Plan for more information!