After my first 6 months with Personal Body Plan, I started with my second 6 months. I need to confess that it’s a very hectic month with everything happening right now and moving to Zaandam from up in the north! There were a LOT of days when I couldn’t make it to the gym and where my food schedule was not what it was supposed to be. But it was also a month with self acceptation. To accept that you can’t be always the best in everything and that sometimes good is just fine!

I hope after next weekend (when the big move will happen) everything will be back to normal. Because I really hate it when I’m forced to miss the gym! It might sound cliche, but it’s really an addiction! You can already see some muscles and I’m really proud of it! Can’t wait to show you my abs and ab crack in the end of this PBP part two! I’m still really happy with my coach Kirsten. She is so understanding with my whole moving and hectic situation, she really keeps me motivated. Love her! With her personal link she can ben your coach too!

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