Initial message of this blogpost: If your under the legal drinking age, (this depends on where you’re from) LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW! Hihi #joke, but seriously, than this is not destined for your eyes.

No, I’m not forcing alcohol down your throats:p! And normally I’m not that gin type of girl. But with a bartender as boyfriend you have to try new drinks sometimes. When he made me a gin tonic with tangerine I was surprised how tasty this was! So when I heard about V2C Gin I had to give it a try.

 The story behind the brand is awesome. Years ago, the four founders of V2C became friends during their studies. Victor de Stuersstraat 2c was the place for good food, drinks and great times. So the name of the gin was born “V2C”. I Love the taste of this gin! So if your giving a party, housewarming or you need another ‘lame’ excuse to drink, you know now a nice brand of gin!