Business cards

This might sound outdated, but in my opinion they’re still essential in growing your network. Nowadays we have Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn to keep in contact. But a business card is something personal. I keep al the business cards that I’ve received overtime in a folder. And once in a while I’ll go through all the contacts and see if I can find new business opportunities amongst the people that have crossed my path.

What do you think of the tiny camera? Fotofabriek made a custom design for me, since I do so much with photography. I asked them if they could help me out with this unusual request, to make a camera template for business cards. They thought it was a great idea, would love to help me out and voila!


Luxblog has started more than three years ago. In these years I’ve gained a lot of experiences. A lot of up and downs, mostly ups though! (Yeah that’s a good thing right!?) I’m still enjoying every day of what I do and keep learning every second as I try to grow this business. One of the things is that you have to stand out and expand your network.

Expanding your network is not just a thing you have to do for your business, it’s also a lot of fun! It’s great to meet new people, learn what they do and what they’re interests are. And in some cases, which are the best cases, you can help each other out!

Creating these business cards with the help of Fotofabriek