Today I’m telling you more about my progress with Personal Body Plan. It’s now almost two months ago when I first started. And to be honest, I’m very excited! (So excited that I’m wearing my work out clothes half of the time! haha)

As you might have seen I’m preparing my suit case for Berlin. But this weekend is also the time for PBP progress measurements. Unfortunately, no measurements for me and I’ll just have to wait until Wednesday. The first month was a little hard, adjusting to food schedules, semi-strict training days (I do need those though) and no more snacks. My coach advised me to balance the need for snacks. If I desperately need a snack, than I have to cut back with other moments of the day. Now I’m kind of getting used to the whole concept and it’s starting to show. To see and feel the progress is what makes me so excited!

For the program I’m in now, Personal Body Plan has created a whole group on Facebook. The group has over 500 members who started at the 4th of April as well. They great thing about this is, you can relieve your stressful moments there and the people in this group now what you’re going through and show support. But also the nice things are mentioned! There was one girl who lost soooo much body mass, that I started to doubt myself. Luckily I snapped back to reality real fast and realized that everyone goes through their own journey! Where some lose weight at the speed of light and others just take a little longer. I’m just really excited that there are so many people in the group that motivate each other and make you feel stronger again.

Join the June group! Sign in until June 1st, Personal Body Plan!