It’s gym day! (or in this season, everyday is gym day haha!) Today it’s all about another full body work out. Pretty heavy if you ask me! When I’m training my back for example, the back muscles are the only ones heaving a tough time. Now when I’m finished working out, my whole body hates me!

Personal Body Plan

It’s already three months ago since I’ve first started my own Personal Body Plan and I’m really excited about everything! My food schedule and my work out plan are definitely doing it for me and I’ve already lost 7KG! It’s hard to go to the gym four times a week and to have a food schedule but I love to see the results and it keeps me motivated!

I’ve also learned that eating ‘bad’ things is allowed, although it’s all about keeping things in balance. Now I don’t feel terrible when I start chewing on something that isn’t green. Afterwards I know that in my next meals I’ll have to adjust to eating something a bit more healthy.

Start your own plan and join the July group! Sign in until June 29th Personal Body Plan.

About the look

Since I started to work out almost every day, I have a weakness for awesome sport clothes! Like any other fashionista I love to look ‘decent’ in the gym. As many of you already know, I’m a sucker for marble. So when I found these marble tights on Loavies‘ webshop I placed it immediately in my shopping cart!

To do some sessions out in the open I like to bring a hoodie. (It might still be chilly in the Netherlands and it might even rain too, you never know). But IF the sun’s out this sun cap is pretty useful as well! And come on, don’t you just love the slides. Not exactly gym outfit material, but I thought it was bad ass underneath this outfit.

Hoodie AYS?SLC | Top Loavies | Marble tights Loavies | Sun Cap Unmade Slides Vans

Photo credits: Chantal van Dam