Last weekend I did something REALLY exciting! I had the privilege to have a wine arrangement at a height of 50 meters in my hometown Groningen. The Wine List invited me and of course I couldn’t resist such a great experience!

We started the night with drinks at Mr. Mofongo. One of my favorite places to go with my girls for wine and cocktails. If you ever visit Groningen, check out this place! After some bites and wine we’ve been escorted to the location of the high wine arrangement, the Grote Markt with an amazing limousine! Of course I needed to take a picture with it, you don’t experience that every day!

When we arrived at the Grote Markt in Groningen, I got really excited! Could this day be any better? The crew of Dinner In The Sky was already waiting for us, so off we went!

So now we were at 50 meters in the sky and at first I really felt anxious but after a few glasses of wine it was all fine haha! The one I loved to most was the The Privada an Argentian red wine which has a rich and amazing taste. I will definitely want to drink this one soon again! The wine I also loved was the Secastilla white wine, a lot softer than the Privada but a good variation! After the glasses of wine I could enjoy the view of my beautiful Groningen!


When I drink red wine I always have a glass of water on the side. I just love full bodied and wooden aged wines, so a glass of water on the side is more than welcome. This bottle from S.Pellegrino, so pretty and arty. They celebrate their 120th anniversary and therfore the designed a limited edition bottle “the Diamond Bottle”. You know what they say: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! This bottle is definitely one I will remember (and hopefully able to purchase somewhere). I’ll also won’t forget this incredible experience!

Do you want to see more about the event? Click on the mood video above!