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I love package day! This beautiful one came in today and I want to tell you about the great concept behind this watch. Slow watches were created to shift the way people read time. So rather than focusing on the second or the minute they have produced an instrument that measures the moment.

In modern days people tend to be  in a rush full time. They forget to take things slow and do things one at a time. How often do you hear how people are great at multitasking and complete their overbooked agendas? I must admit, I’m one of them. Our busy lifes influence our experience of time. Slow watches came up with some sort of statement of this idea. They create watches that show you the full day on your watch. There are no pointers for minutes or seconds, just one that rotates every 24 hours.

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to do those things we love, but the slow mindset is here to help you to have fun in whatever you’re doing! My small advice to you is, no matter where you are ‘enjoy the little things’. Slow Jo will help you along the way.

Want to get one yourself? Go to TWOL24, an online platform for independent labels and use my promo code: LUXBLOG15 for a 10% discount!