I’m always on the hunt for a good pair of sneakers, this time I found these white ICONIC platform sneakers from the Sacha!

I love the summer, especially with temperatures like these. You can wear skirts everyday and combine them with boots, sneakers and heels. Everything is possible #nojeansnecessary! Karien (@Karienanne) and I went for a Qtime/shooting day to The Hague. There are so many beautiful buildings and it’s such a lively city!

When strolling around in the city all day I love to wear comfy shoes. And most of the time I end up with sneakers haha!

Platform shoes are THE shoes of the moment. You can find them in a lot of different colors, types and styles. These white ones from the Sacha are really standing out from the crowd, because of the details they used. And besides that they are really affordable!

Sneakers Sacha €31,99 (sale!)