..I WANNA BUY! These soft fluffy slippers from Manfield are the best I ever had! And with the colder winter days ahead, it’s the perfect home essential! My feet get cold real quick. I Always have them covered under blankets when I’m watching my series on the couch with a big cup of tea. And which days are best for these moments? Exactly, Sundays!

This weekend I’ve visited my parents in Groningen. Great family time and seeing friends again. After exhausting afternoons it’s time to get cozy with my slippers and watch a movie with my mom, dad and the BF.


Did you find the perfect slippers yet?

Since Winter is coming (why not use a Game of Thrones reference, when the situation allows it), days are getting colder. I like to put these Manfield slippers on the heating system to get them warm and then snuggle my feet in there.

Photo credits: Oscar Risamena