Oscar and I traveled a lot the last couple of months. We’re a real team when it comes with interests. We like the same home decoration (although he sometimes finds it a little to girly), we both like traveling and both hate cold weather. Winter is coming and with these Colmar jackets we can go travel anywhere cold! Not even the thickest coats, but unbelievably warm! I must say, this Autumn is getting really cold as well, but like this we’ll survive upcoming Winter.


It’s time for booties again! My Sacha Shoes boots are keeping my feet warm this Winter. That’s one thing I can’t stand, cold feet. I’ll run to the first store or coffeeshop to warm my feet and perhaps not leave there till Summer. This is the reason I wrap my feet up with thick socks  and make boots, like these Sacha’s, my favorites for this time of year. Oscar is more a sneaker fan but I hope he will try out some booties too! Even though we’re in New York right now, we’re thinking of where to. go next. Any suggestions?