Good morning! Yesterday was pretty awesome, I saw the musical The Lion King and was so impressed of their performance and stage setting! For the show I was looking for a casual kind of look. But one that’s also a little bit more formal for an evening musical show! It was more then 10 years ago, since I visited a musical. This one was so magical, you really need to see it!

About the look

What I love about the winter is that you can layer your clothes again! I love to play with different fabrics and tones. It’s also great to match different brands together. This coat for example is from the Primark and those loafers from Mango. I think style doesn’t depend on the brands, but on someone’s personal style. Of course when I can finally get my hands on a Chanel bag I would be more than happy, but I’ll always find a way to combine the bag with brands for the everyday consumer! I mean come on, not many people can afford high end brands including me! That’s why it’s nice to have one or two items that are more expensive and where you had to save your money for. (Then you’ll think.. #goalreached haha) When I comes to watches, I’m a big fan of Calvin Klein. When I started my blog, my first watch & sunnies came from CK!

Top Primark | Jeans Mango | Coat Primark | Shoes Mango Watch Calvin Klein

Photo credits: Oscar Risamena