I’m running Luxblog now about 5 years. But I’ve worked as a photographer since I was 16 years old! Since a few months I’ve started a new chapter, a new company in my life: Luxshots. It’s totally different than what I do with Luxblog but it’s something I really love doing. I’ve brought to more things I love together. For Luxshots I focus on photography and videography of kids, especially new borns.

Studentendrukwerk helped me to get some promotion materials to start with Luxshots on it bests! I have printed my own Roll-up Banner and t-shirts, so now it’s official! I’m happy with my offline promotion materials as I can use these on public events etc.

Of course I will still be working for Luxblog, and sharing my favorite outfits with you! But I’m really happy to share my new business with you. You can check the website here: www.luxshots.nl