Good morning peeps! Today it’s all about a personal matter, but maybe some of you feel my drift.

A few months ago I’ve started fitness and running again after more then a half year without sports. I got stuck in a circle of being tired and having different injuries in my back and later on my shoulders. Now I want to bring my butt back into the gym again and run the ‘4Mijl’ (a specific running event in Groningen) within 30 minutes.

I went to physiotherapist the last few months and he told me that now was the time to get my body back into shape and that exercising wouldn’t get me injured no more! So with this newborn motivation I’m ready to lose the few extra pounds I gained and to get me summer ready:p!

I got me some new training gear from FRVR and AYS?SLC to keep me hydrated. A new schedule from Personal Body Plan will keep me on track during the upcoming six months. Old habits are over, so no more checking the fridge if there’s something ‘good’ (90% of the time a sugar/ calorie bomb) to eat. Personal Body Plan will sign me up to a personal coach who is going to help me with a work out schedule and meal plan. The last one is one I definitely need! They will guide you with their four most important factors: Behavior, Sustenance, Training and recovery.

The funny and really nice thing about the Personal Body Plan coach is, that you’re in contact with them online! You can send them a message 24/7, although I still need to figure out if they’ll respond at three o’clock at night:p Do you like the idea of having your own coach, you can sign up at this link right here and they will be happy to help. You’ve until tomorrow to join the #team4april. After tomorrow you will start next month!

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