Velvet boots and velvet jumpsuits, I love it! Especially when they are black velvet! The fabric feels so nice on your skin, cause it’s just soooo soft! I tried something to feel a little more girly and that was to show some more skin. When it’s summer I’ll might even lose the tights and show my legs, which have been punished in the gym this Winter lol!

Can’t wait to show you my work out results. I’ve gained a few pounds the last few years and to be honest I got a little insecure about myself. At one point you just had enough and it’s time for change. Well this past year I’ve been working my butt off and although I’m not like those toned and skinny ladies you see on Instagram. I’m happy with myself. More about that in the upcoming months.

Jumpsuit mbyM | Bag Michael Kors | Shoes Sacha Shoes | Hat Zara

Photo credits: Lily Tjon