Let’s begin with the most important thing, my coach rocks! Last month I started to change my lifestyle (sports and healthy food) with Personal Body Plan. Kirsten ,my coach, gives me advise in how I can adjust my food schedule that comforts my foodie needs hihi and helps me when I’m having trouble with exercises.

I must admit, it is pretty hard to drastically change your normal ‘routines’ (these were irregularly eating and exercising). Now I have different meal schedules for work out days, rest days and re-feed days. They’ve also provided me with a training schedule. And did you hear about the Foamrollers? They are really awesome! When I go to the gym for work outs, I use them before and after the training. It really helps your muscles to relax and get loose. The next day your muscles won’t feel that sore so much!

The last few weeks the training days focused on core exercises and to burn the excessive love handles hihi. I’m pumped to get summer ready and glad that PBP keeps me in line to keep on going! Now I’m a month in and things are starting to get ‘normal’.

Do you want to join Personal Body Plan?! Sign up for #team2mei and get started! You can join until the 29th of May.

About the look

I love to sport in wide fitted tee’s, it makes me feel confident and that’s a good start for a great work out. Maybe in the future when I’m ripped you’ll see me in tight tee’s and maybe crop tops! For now I love this top from FRVR. You know that I love monochrome tones so this is definitely a look that I will wear a lot in the gym!

Top FRVR | Tights FRVR | Shoes Nike | Foamroller Fore Lifestyle | Flask AYS?SLC

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