Alright Desenio, I’ll order this one, that one, hmm got to have that as well, oh can’t leave this one either. 47 min, 35 seconds, 28 pages, 59 clicks and many doubtful moments further, I’ve assembled my final picks for my poster fetish. I ordered these posters from Desenio’s webshop, where I was able to overcome my cravings for posters (for now). They have so many categories to choose from, quotes, artistic, landscapes, abstract everything you’ll need. The poster of the waves is my favorite!

My home is full with posters all around and if you’d like, use my discount code to order posters online at Desenio. You’ll get a 25% discount on all posters! The code is luxblog25. I think I’m going to snoop around their webshop again soon to complete my poster wall! The discount code is valid between 31 January and 2 Februari and only on prints, not on fames.

What do you guys think of our new pet dog? Attackle, from Fatboy. The moment I laid eyes on this dog, it had to become a part of the Luxblog family!