When Sacha asked me to join their new project, the Influencer Collection, designing my own collection I was thrilled! It was such an honor to be asked after such a longterm relationship. Sacha was one of my first collaboration back in the days and after 4 years we still love to work together.

In the beginning of this year, I went to Sacha’s headquarters for a designing session. I already had in mind what kind of designs I wanted to create; sportive, but also using black and white of course. The Sacha designing team is really awesome! We did a big brainstorm/creative session and in just one day we had the first drawings of my shoes and accessories! We were totally in sync!


And a few months later… my collection was developed! The first prototypes were amazing and almost ready for production. And now they are in store and online available! Together with the other influencers we have made our own Influencer Collection in collaboration with Sacha! The influencer team consisted of; Elkesockeel, Whoisthatblonde, Jolielot, Matthiasgeerts and Thomascxx.

It was one of my most exciting projects so far. It’s feels so special to have your own collection. I’m truly honored and happy with partnering up with Sacha. I hope you like the items! You can have a closer look if you click on the products below.

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