There she is.. my very first Chanel bag! You may have seen it already on Instagram, but this is the first shoot with my new baby. For a while I was searching on the Rebelle website for THE perfect first vintage Chanel addition. I’m really picky when it comes to bags. They must be black, white or grey and the hardware needs to be silver. As you may already know, almost all designer bags are with golden hardware, especially vintage ones. And Chanel is not an exception. But when I found this little cutie, I dropped it in my shopping bag as fast as I could because every item is unique and it’s gone before you know it! A few days later I received the bag from Rebelle and I couldn’t believe it was mine!

“The only BS I need
is Bags & Shoes”

About my second love, these beautiful heels from Manfield! There are two basic rules in the house of Luxblog when it comes to clothing and style; Bags & shoes are the important ones, because that’s the way you finish a look! These buckle heels are so amazing! It’s the perfect way to be elegant and also a little rebellious. Their summer collection is so beautiful, you must take a look ;)!

Dress Miss Guided | Sunnies Jimmy Choo | Bag Chanel | Shoes Manfield