What I love about moving, is that you can decorate you home again! In the upcoming period, you’ll see more photos and posts come by where more impressions of my new home are available. As the title says new home, new interior. I brought along most of my things from Groningen. But when you’re moving you just have to get some new things to have the feeling of a fresh start. So that’s what I did, I ordered this cute coat rack from Eyoba and some other nice things! They sell a lot of amazing brands, as Zuiver for example the brand of my new coat rack. Since I’m not to fond with some of my brought along and old interior, I think I’ll just keep scrolling on the world-wide-web for new furniture. Which of course I don’t mind at all!

They also have a lot of other amazing interior items, Have a look at and For my international followers ‘eetkamerstoel’ and ‘eettafel’ means; dining chair and dining table in English haha!