Good Morning! I’m so happy with my new travel essentials. Here you’ll see my must-take-with-me travel essentials.

  1. A recognizable band around your suitcase! Because yes, I’ll be that person that’s taking your suitcase from the luggage belt thinking it’s my suitcase. This one is from 10Days Amsterdam. Don’t get me wrong I know this is black on black, but normally I strap it around my grey suitcase. (lol)
  2. This small trolley is from Primark. I like to have small trolleys that have just about enough space for all of my most important things. That’s more than you think, also more than I think myself. I keep surprising myself on how much I try to fit in there. Another thing about this little one.. It has FOUR wheels, can’t say how much I like this feature.
  3. The best comfortable outfit for flying. In this case a nice sweater from TheFour and wide culottes from Lavish Alice. Planes are always chilly and they put the AC’s on North Pole freeze mode. I chose for the culottes because I’m a walker and twister on long flights. You can’t have tight jeans on a plane when you twist and turn in your seat to find the right position. When I have those ‘I really don’t care right now’ days, you’ll see me wearing sweatpants and sneakers. But I was feeling pretty that day! This wasn’t the only reason for this outfit. I was about to see my boyfriend right after my flight, so I kind of felt looking pretty for him since he was so kind picking me up from the airport.
  4. Essential four. Have someone pick you up from the airport:p

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Photo credits: Lily Tjon