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As you may already know, Lian and I where in Paris last weekend. It was a beautiful experience with a lot of traveling and shooting. Therefore it was a pleasure to stay at a lovely hotel to get some rest between the busy traveling! Hotel Edgar is a perfect quiet place full of art and kindness. This cozy hotel has 13 rooms and they’re designed by different artists and you can feel the love they have put into it.




It was a lovely and modest hotel. Only it was packed with people who came by Edgar’s restaurant for a cup of coffee or to have their lunch break. Because of its location (2nd district) a lot of different people pass by. I must say, there were so many well dressed people in Paris and especially in the city centre, around our district. The subway is closely to Edgar’s and you can get anywhere in approximately 15 minutes. When I needed anything the staff was very kind to help with everything! Not that we were very demanding or anything, but my suitcase was extremely heavy hihi.. The staff and hotel really made me feel at home! It was lovely, merci beaucoup!