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I had given up on tights. I have worn and tried so many brands. Out of all these brands, I still couldn’t find a favorite one. Most were uncomfortable, didn’t last very long or wouldn’t stay in place. Also, when I did find ones that stayed in place after sitting for long periods of time, I felt like I had wire cutting into my thighs. So I gave up on the idea of wearing tights.

Not to sound too cheesy or over the top marketing-ish. But the Satin Touch from Wolford are like silk on your skin! They’re extremely soft and comfortable. They fit me just right.  The Pure 50 as well. Most of the time I’m not that great with tights, because I got ladders in my tights real quickly. Of course I had a small accident where I caught myself stuck on a corner of the table, but the Pure 50 didn’t have any gaps or rips. So that’s  enough quality for me!

The Pure string body is also very comfortable and is definitely one of my favorites from the Wolford collection!

Overall, I think my love for Wolford has only just begun! I’m so happy to have finally come across them! They are warm ( ofcourse very important), practical and also sexy! Remember, feeling sexy and feminine is important too :).

Tights | Pure 50 and Trocadero tights
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Pure string body