Do you already know what to wear with Christmas? I’m definitely wearing my Swatch watch to finish my look. This Swatch matches so well with the dress! They have models in so many colors. If you have another color party outfit for Christmas or NYE, there’s plenty of models to choose from. This is the first Christmas at our new home and I’m so excited about it! On the second day of Christmas we’re going to our parents back in Groningen. To me Christmas is all about having a great time with your loved ones. So right now it’s still getting used to scheduling all my friends and family in a few days. That’s the small bump in the road for living this far from ‘home’. But Christmas is also about positivity and happiness, so that’s what we’re focussing on! Yeah!

About the look

When I was looking for a look to party with, I immediately chose for my velvet grey/ silver-ish dress! You can match it with what ever you like! I’m wearing them above my trousers, since it’s too cold for the dress only. But once we’re inside, Mariah Carey is blasts out of the speakers, it’s gonna be go time! Away with the trousers, from then on skirts and dresses only! And we’ll be dancin’ and groovin’, all night lohoong, all night (in Lionel Richie voice)

Top Nümph | Trousers Stradivarius | Bag YSL Shoes Sacha | Dress Lesara Jacket d.brand Watch Swatch

Photo credits: Suzanne Brummel