So here I am, practically settled at my new place. I must admit it’s really difficult to proceed my healthy lifestyle in my new environment. But after one month, everything falls into place and bit by bit I’m getting back on track! For those of you that don’t know, I’m following a lifestyle changing program called Personal Body Plan. You’ll receive weekly training programs and in the app you’ll have contact with a coach and you can find meal plans. Recently you can apply for PBP weekly instead of monthly, so you can start when you want.

I love to listen music when I’m in the gym or running a 5K. The times goes faster, you can run on the beat and it keeps me focused! These Sudio headphones cancels sounds from the environment, so no more distractions. I prefer headphones over the little earphones, because they always fall out of my ears! Last but definitely not least the last feature is the fact that their wireless and connect to your phone with Bluetooth. Thought that was a must mention as well. You can get your own headphones with a 15% discount by using my promo code: luxblog

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-04 om 14.12.16Want to start your Personal Body Plan? From now on you can join a new group every week! So no excuses and no more waiting till next month. Start next week!

Sweater Ivy Park | Thights Primark | Headphones Sudio | Shoes Nike