A thing many people, both men and women, struggle with is their weight! So did I. You might have followed my journey on the blog where I wrote about my experiences following Personal Body Plan. All that time I was too insecure about my body, both shape and weight, to show you any pictures. Now I’m ready to show you where this lifestyle change all started and where I’m at right now. It was a journey I never expected to go so well!


Personal Body Plan guided me with weekly training programs, food schedules and a personal coach named Kirsten. Although the trainings schedules being really tough on me and sometimes asking me to go to the gym six times a week, they definitely had great effect on my progress. (This was only two weeks in these six months, but still pretty hard haha) It was great to have a coach like Kirsten who kept me motivated and gave positive feedback to keep me going. Looking back at the photo’s from when it started, I’m proud of where I am right now! This journey will continu as I registered to Personal Body Plan for the next six months to get that ab crack. (Totally didn’t know that small line on your tummy was called an abcrack lol)

Top FRVR | Tights H&M Shoes Nike 

Photo credits: Style by Jules