I love sunglasses and also the normal ones. When I’m at work in front of my macbook or when I’m driving my car, I need glasses, not that I’m nearly blind or anything but otherwise I’m stuck with an annoying headache!

About the concept

Let me tell you something about Polette. It’s a new concept in the Netherlands. Polette is based on a simple, yet innovative idea. They cut out all the middle men and they’re immediately connected to the factory. The frames and lenses come in straight from their workshops, so they have no costs for stocks and other intermediates. That’s the reason why the frames and glasses have such low prices!Schermafbeelding 2016-05-14 om 20.15.58

On their website they offer a huge range of different styles, frames and of course lenses for every corrections. All of the lenses are anti-reflective and anti-scratching. You can order your own (sun)glasses very easily. In a few simple steps you can create your own perfect pair! They even have a webcam application where you can try your new glasses online on their website! Just take a visit and try it yourself and if you’re living nearby Amsterdam, you can visit their shop at the Kinkerstraat 288!

As you may already know, I’m a huge marble lover. So for my new sunglasses I chose the marble frame from their “trendy” collection; Doompa.

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