O M G, I never thought that I would show my tummy on my blog, but I’m really happy with the results I have booked so far with my Personal Body Plan. There’s still some work to do, but this new lifestyle made me more secure about me, myself and I. After my boyfriend measured the width of my arms, legs, stomach and shoulders. He took pictures for the monthly results as well. Feeling a bit down about the results, my coach, Kirsten told me to take another look at the photos. This time not only focus on the results, but to look at my stance. She was right, I stood there with a more confidence pose and proud of the progress! This made me decide to post pictures of my new and improved self.

Upcoming PBP month is the last month of the guided program. Afterwards decisions are to be made if I want to continue with a guided program with Kirsten or if I’m going to do this all by myself. I’m really satisfied with the results and the program PBP itself.

About the look

I’m totally in love with the fashion items from FRVR, and glad as well that these items still fit. Because of all the progress a lot of my clothes, especially jeans don’t fit anymore. As you might know, I’m not into flashy colors. So thank you FRVR for having a big collection in black and white work out gear!

 Do you like the idea of having your own coach, you can sign up at Personal Body Plan and they will be happy to help. You’ve got until Wednesday 31st to join team September.

Top FRVR | Tights Zalando Shoes Nike

Photo credit: Style by Jules