Well hello sunny Sunday! These last few days really feel as summer. Yesterday it was 30 degrees in the Netherlands! It was terrific beach weather, although I see a lot of sun burned bodies passing by right haha! People shouldn’t forget to protect themselves.

“Frankfurt have
amazing architecture”

Guess what I did on that hot day yesterday. You guessed wrong!:p I didn’t go to the beach or had drinks out at a bar. No my smart self went shopping at a closet sale! When arriving home, I had to do some work, did some household chores and finally took some rest. Together with Mellow we sat outside to relax a little.

About the look

This look was taken last week in Frankfurt. It was a bit colder then, around 20 degrees. Great during the day, but a little frisky at the end of the day. So that’s why I wore my new Balr bomber! Because we were sightseeing this much, I chose a comfortable look. Luckily I didn’t have trouble with my feet. These Puma’s had to endure a lot of kilometers that trip and fit comfortably.

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