Portable hang out spot with Lamzac!

How cool is that? With the Lamzac you can hang out wherever you want! This uber cool “take it with you” variant of the original Fatboy is one of my favorites. And yes I’m bringing ‘uber’ back, cause it’s just uber awesome to say. But where was I? That’s right, telling you about how you can go to the beach or on a winter vacation or when you’re at home and taking the Lamzac with you. I’m thinking about taking it with me to Malta. You can use it everywhere! The only thing you need is air! And there is plenty of it ;).

When we were in Copenhagen the Lamzac traveled with us too, as you may already have seen on my Instagram last week! How cool is this location? This was at the urban park, a park where you can exercise. To start the new year with good health in mind, I ran a few laps before taking these pictures of the Lamzac.

Photo credits: Oscar Risamena