I love bumbags, especially in this festival season! At Amazon you can find al lot (30.000!) of different bumbags. It’s amazing to have so much choice. I will show you my favorites (who’s also looking forward to the sale on Prime day!)

Shop till you drop at Amazon! As a Prime Member you can shop online on with lots of great deals across shopping categories such as clothing, electronics (TVs, smart home devices), toys, interior design and many more. 

So you know where to find me at Prime Day July the 16th! At the online sale!

What’s Prime Day?

It’s a shopping day with a lot of amazing deals. You’ll have 36 hours, where Amazon offers the lowest prices in 365 days. The discounts are focused on the key categories of the Benelux.

To have access to Prime Day you need to be a member of Amazon Prime. On you can subscribe yourself here for a free trial month! How awesome!