We live in Zaandam now for about 3 months and so far it’s amazing! I love how close by it is to everything! 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central, 15 minutes from Schiphol Aiport (really handy with all my travel plans! haha). We already did a lot of home improvement in our new apartment, but I always need something to do or to redecorate because I really really love to do so!

beautifully simple,
simply beautiful.

This time it was our bedroom’s turn! I wanted a few new things, a “block” wall where our cat Mellow can sleep on (so she won’t steel our place in the bed, which happens a lot! :P). And a new bed. I’ve been dreaming of a bed on pallets for a long time and now it’s finally there! We chose for a memory foam mattress from Eve Sleep. The Eve’s unique layering system and new generation memory foam offer more bounce and a cooler, more relaxing sleep. I’m that sleeping beauty that really needs a comfy mattress. And the funny part is, they only sell one mattress! So no hard choices but simply one best choice, that’s awesome! (especially for a doubter like me, hihi) You can try and sleep on it for 100 nights risk-free! As they say: “Beautifully simple, simply beautiful!”.

So if you also are excited about this cool mattress, check out my Instagram because I teamed up with Eve sleep for an amazing give-away! You can win a mattress (size by choice)! so go go go and visit on Instagram!